Industrialized system

Construction understood with the same standardization, modularity, technology, flexibility and quality control procedures that apply to many other fields of human activity, the most obvious example being car production.

The advantages of the industrialized construction system are obvious, since when manufactured in the workshop, work on site is limited to assembly, and times are considerably reduced, increasing the quality of the final product. The result is never comparable with traditional construction.

We have developed our own system with the following Technical Specifications:

-Foundation shallow foundation by reinforced concrete.

-Structure framework of columns and beams made up by laminated steel protected with anti-corrosion paint and floors of composite slab.

-Enclosures Double-leaf facade cladding with air chamber, using our dry construction system:

      • Externally: Lightweight substructure of galvanized steel profile (75 and 100 mm) with mineral wool insulation inside and with Waterproof breathable membrane + AQUAPANEL (KNAUF) cement board outside.
      • Innerlly: Lightweight galvanized steel profile substructure (48mm) with mineral wool insulation inside and double laminated gypsum board (KNAUF) inside.

-Inner walls made up by weight light substructure of galvanized steel profile (48 and 70 mm) with mineral wool insulation and laminated gypsum board (KNAUF) on both sides. (in wet rooms will be used special plates).

-Suspended ceilings made up by gypsum boards with mineral wool insulation (in porches will be used, cement boards).

-Roof with slope concrete, waterproofing sheet, separating layer, thermal insulation (extruded polystyrene), separating layer and mortar layer + Ceramic tile (when will be crossable) or Geotextile + gravel layer or natural grass (when will be not crossable).

Both exterior and interior finishes will be chosen by the client. However, we advise the following:

-External finishes:

    • Ventilated Façade with hidden fixings of Technological Ceramic, Stone or Technological Wood material.
    • Raised Pavement on plots of Ceramic, Stone or Technological Wood material.
    • Aluminum exterior Carpentry with thermal break, hidden profile and 4/12/4 + 4 glass.
    • Armored entrance door in the same color as the rest of the exterior carpentry.

-Inner finishes:

    • Ceramic, stone or wood Flooring.
    • Walls covered with Ceramic, Stone or Wood panels.
    • Wood interior Carpentry.


    • Plumbing installation with polybutylene pipes.
    • Sewage in PVC.
    • Air conditioning and DHW through a combined Geothermal + Aerothermal system with underfloor heating / cooling.
    • Electricity, Lighting and Telecommunications controlled by a global Home Automation system.


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