Global Service

We offer a “Turnkey” global service Architecture and Construction Service, which includes:


Technical Work

  • Town planning consultation: Extract from the applicable regulations
  • Topographic survey: 3D model of the plot.
  • Geotechnical study: of the nature of the soil and the foundation conditions.
  • Preliminary Design: Analysis of the plot, the applicable regulations and the client’s needs program. 3D presentation of a geometric and aesthetic proposal at a conceptual level.
  • Basic Project: Technical Project with the definition at a schematic level of the architectural design, facilities and structures. To request the Provisional Construction License.
  • Execution Project: Technical Project with the detailed definition of the architectural design, facilities and structures. To request the Definitive Construction License.
  • Health and safety plan: of each of the participants of the work.
  • Health and safety coordination by the Technical Architect.
  • Construction management: by the Architect to ensure the faithful interpretation of the Technical Project.
  • Direction of execution by the Technical Architect to ensure proper construction.
  • Quality control: with the performance of tests and validation of results by the director of execution.
  • Project Management: continuous monitoring of the progress of the Work to avoid deviations in terms of time and costs.
  • Waste management: monitoring of the Plan included in the Execution Project.
  • Building Book: prepared by The Architect and will include all the technical and administrative documentation of the building. As well as the instructions for its maintenance and use.

Administrative procedures

  •  Processing of Construction Permission
  •  Processing of First Occupation Permission
  •  Management of registration in supplies
  •  Processing of promoter civil liability insurance
  •  Construction quality insurance


  • Construction of the house in the term and cost agreed in the contract.


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